2018 Season Auditions: Roanoke, Virginia

AUDITIONS FOR THE 2018 SEASON will be held on January 26 & 27, 2018 at the MMT Rehearsal Studio, located at 20 Church Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24011 on the 3rd floor. Free and metered parking is available nearby.

If you are interested in auditioning, please email a headshot and resume to auditions@nullmillmountain.org with ROANOKE AUDITIONS in the subject line. AEA members may contact auditions@nullmillmountain.org to schedule an audition appointment. EMC and non-Equity actors will be seen as time permits at these auditions. Please still submit all materials to auditions@nullmillmountain.org for more information.

Non-Equity only: in the email submission, please denote if you have local housing (within ~30 miles of Downtown Roanoke) available.



If auditioning for A Chorus LineWest Side Story, Spring Awakening or the Summer Apprentice Company, please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of our season. We may ask to hear a 1-minute monologue or contrasting 32 bars.

If auditioning for The Christmas Cup or The Christians, please prepare a 1-minute monologue. We may ask you to read sides.

If auditioning for A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Spring Awakening or the Summer Apprentice Company, please be prepared to attend a dance call from 12 – 1 PM on either Friday or Saturday


Unless specified, actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition for all roles.



Rehearsals February 6 – 21

Previews & Performances February 22 – March 11

ROLAND: Male. 25-40. A charming, laid-back beekeeper. Warm and open, with a good sense of humor. Earthy and likeable. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MARIANNE: Female. Age 25-40. A fiercely intelligent scientist dealing with a terminal illness. A serious professional working in the top of her field. Quirky, dreamy, friendly, warm and quick-witted. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.


Rehearsals April 2 – 25

Previews & Performances April 26 – May 13

All roles listed must be portrayed by exceptional dancers who also sing and act very well.


ZACH: Male. 30-45. The director and choreographer of the show. Actor who moves extremely well.

LARRY: Male. 21+ Tenor. Zach’s assistant, authoritative. Accomplished dancer.

AL DELUCA: Male. 21-30. Baritone. From the Bronx. Street tough, macho, and newly married to Kristine.

BEBE BENZENHEIMER: Female. 21-30 to play 22. Mezzo. Natural and unaffected, bit of an “ugly duckling”

BOBBY MILLS: Male. Baritone. Flamboyant, funny, and witty. Very sharp tongued. Covers everything over with a joke; had a very hard childhood. From upstate New York.

CASSIE FERGUSON: Female. 30-39. Soprano. Older Dancer. Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer. Very strong dancer. Shy and kind hearted. Previously had a relationship with Zach.

CONNIE WONG: Female. 21-34. Asian. Alto. Accomplished dancer who sings. Small in stature- sings about being 4 foot 10.

DIANA MORALES: Female. 21-30. Latina. Athletic dancer with strong mix/belt. Streetwise, a little bit tough, eternal optimist and starry eyed.

DON KERR: Male. 20-29. Baritone. Very sure of himself. Cool, Midwest, married, All-American.

GREGORY GARDENER: Male. 32. Baritone. Sassy, Jewish gay man with a wicked wit. Very East Side New York.

JUDY TURNER: Female. 21-30. Mezzo. Funny, gawky, nervous. Warm and hopeful. Very awkward except when dancing.

KRISTINE URICH: Female. 21-30. Comedic sensibility and nervous energy. Al’s scatter-brained wife who can’t sing.

MAGGIE WINSLOW: Female. 21-30. Soprano with strong mix/belt. A sweetheart, little sister type. Dreamer. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MARK ANTHONY: Male. 20. Tenor. Optimistic; first-timer; naïve but charming. Great dancer and All-American kid. The youngest of the group. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MIKE COSTA: Male. 21-30. Tenor. Quite aggressive, determined, cocky, sure of himself BUT likeable. Tap dancer. Experienced; flirtatious. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

PAUL SAN MARCO: Male. 21-30. Latino. Baritone. Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing; only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. Accomplished actor and dancer.

RICHIE WALTERS: Male. 21-32. African-American. Tenor. From Missouri. strong dancer, enthusiastic, cool and very funny. Likeable and laid back. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

SHEILA BRYANT: Female, 27-39. Alto. Oldest dancer on the line. Confident, brassy, sexy, bitchy, and sophisticated. One of the more popular dancers; humorous.

VAL CLARK: Female. 21-32. Alto. Sexy, sassy, funny. A foul-mouthed but excellent dancer who couldn’t get performing jobs because of her looks until she had plastic surgery. A brazen, direct, attention-seeker.

CUT DANCERS: Men and Women ages 20-39 who are accomplished dancers and singers.



This will be performed as a staged readingSeeking non-Equity actors ONLY.


PASTOR PAUL: Male. 40-49. Pastor of a very big church; professorial in demeanor; definitely does not have the stereotypical televangelist vibe.

ELDER JAY: Male. 50-79. Collegial, a long-time friend of Paul’s; the diplomat, trying his best to make all parties happy.

ASSOCIATE PASTOR JOSHUA: Male. 26-34. Younger than Pastor Paul; a bit green, but definitely charismatic and very earnest.

ELIZABETH: Female. 40-49. Pastor Paul’s wife; an important leader of the church; resolute and actually quite angry at Paul; she holds her cards close to her chest until she doesn’t.

CONGREGANT JENNY: Female. 30-39. Single mother; whip-smart and honest; has a lot of questions for Paul and the direction he’s taking the church.



Rehearsals: May 21 – June 1

Performances: June 2 – 30

This production will tour the Roanoke Valley and play free performances in libraries, parks and other non-traditional spaces. The company of 5 will be comprised of college-age apprentices, who will also have roles in Spring Awakening. For more information on the Apprentice program, visit millmountain.org/education/apprenticeship

MAN #1 (FROG): Male. 18-22. Caring and loyal, always looking out for his friends, the calmer more zen of both he and Toad, simultaneously adventurous and assured. A6 – A3.

MAN #2 (TOAD): Male. 18-22. A hard worker, but impatient for results. Self-conscious, timid, stubborn, a good friend to Frog. Bari-tenor.

MAN #3: Must possess the blind determination of a nerdy snail and the “cool kid” attitude of a slick lizard. Appears as MAN BIRD, SNAIL, LIZARD, FATHER FROG and MOLE. Wide vocal range- highest note B.

WOMAN #1: Must possess the playful and quirky personality of a lady bird and strong frenetic energy of a squirrel. Appears as LADY BIRD 1, MOUSE, SQUIRREL, YOUNG FROG, and MOLE. Mezzo-soprano.

WOMAN #2: Must possess the playful and quirky personality of a lady bird and strong frenetic energy of a squirrel. Appears as LADY BIRD 2, TURTLE, SQUIRREL, MOTHER FROG, and MOLE. Soprano.



Seeking non-Equity actors age 16+ for all roles. Some roles will be played by Summer Apprentices. Any actors under the age of 18 will require parent/guardian permission to perform in this production.

Rehearsals: May 21 – June 20

Preview & Performances: June 21 – 30

WENDLA: Female. 16-22 to play high school age. innocent high school student, trapped in her family, but with every passing day, she grows bolder and more curious about the world around her. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo mix belt.

MARTHA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. high school student who lives with a life-changing secret. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo mix belt.

ILSE: Female. 18-22. Martha’s sister, lives with a painful secret of her own, has run away from home and now lives in a Parisian artists’ colony. She is Moritz’s last hope. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo/ mix-belt.

THEA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. Wendla’s best friend, a high school student who tries to stay innocent and pure. (Vocal Range A3- E5, featured soloist, mezzo w/ mix-belt.)

ANNA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. Martha’s best friend, a high school student, has a difficult time understanding Martha’s burdens. Vocal Range: A3 – C5, featured soloist, alto/ mezzo mix belt.

ADULT WOMAN: Female. 28-64. several important acting roles, including Frau Gabor (Melchior’s mother), Frau Bergman (Wendla’s mother), and Georg’s piano teacher, Fraulein Grossebustenhalter. Ensemble singe, alto.

MELCHIOR: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. smart, independent, headstrong high school student who refuses to bow down to society’s rules. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla. Vocal Range: G2 – G4, featured soloist, bari-tenor. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MORITZ: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. Melchior’s best friend, a troubled high school student who desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. Has haunting dreams. Vocal Range: B2 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

GEORG: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. schoolmate of Melchior’s who is overcome with sexual feelings for his piano teacher. Vocal Range: Ab2 – A4, and up to a possible D5 in falsetto, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

HANSCHEN: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. a beautiful, cunning schoolmate of Melchior’s who is disarmingly comfortable with his own sexuality. He uses his good looks and intelligence to manipulate a fellow student. Vocal Range C3 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

OTTO: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. a classmate of Melchior’s who struggles with sexual feelings he considers inappropriate. Vocal Range: C3 – B4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

ERNST: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. another beautiful schoolmate of Melchior’s, but naïve and easily manipulated. Unsure of who he is sexually. Vocal Range: C3 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

ADULT MAN: Male. 28-64. Primarily acting roles, including Herr Stiefel (Moritz’s father), Herr Gabor (Melchior’s Father), and Herr Sonnenstich (the boys’ school teacher). Ensemble singer; bari-tenor.



TONY: Male. 21-30. Caucasian. A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets. Finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Strong tenor Bb2-Bb4.

MARIA: Female. 21-30. Latina. A romantic young woman.

BERNARDO: Male. 22-32. Latino. A proud, strong, handsome Puerto Rican Man. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Leader of the Sharks. Exceptional dancer. Baritone Bb2-Eb4.

ANITA: Female. 21-32. Latina. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Assertive, sassy, flirtacious and a bit of a mother hen to Maria. Extremely strong dancer/singer. Mezzo/belter F3-D5.

CHINO: Male. 21-30. Latino. An angry and, at times, naïve Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo’s. Strong dancer. Baritone Bb2-Eb4.

RIFF: Male. 21-30. Caucasian. Tony’s best friend. Intelligent, passionate leader of the Jets. Strong singer/actor/dancer. Tenor.

JETS: Male. 21-32. Caucasian. Strong, athletic singers and dancers to play Action, A-Rab, Baby John, Snowboy, Big Deal, Diesel.

SHARKS: Male. 21-32. Latino. Strong, athletic singers and dancers to play Pepe, Luis, Anxious, Nibbles, and Moose.

ANYBODYS: Female. 18-21. Caucasian. A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. Full of energy and heart. Strong dancer.

JET GIRLS: Female. 21-32. Caucasian. Strong singers and dancers, some speaking, to play Graziella, Minnie, and Clarice. (Velma has been cast)

SHARK GIRLS: Female. 21-32. Latina. Strong singers and dancers to play Rosalia, Consuelo, Francisca, and Margarita. (Teresita has been cast)

DET. SCHRANK: Male. 35-50. Caucasian. A local police detective frustrated by ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Blunt, brash, and unapologetic. Doubles with GLAD HAND, the nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance.

DOC: Male. 50-65. Caucasian. The owner of the candy store where the Jets hang out; he tries to guide the Jets youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways.

OFFICER KRUPKE. Male. 35-50. Caucasian. The local beat cop. He has no patience for the gangs’ conflict and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. Regularly mocked by the local gangs.



OLDER MEGAN: Female. 30-55. Narrator. “Little M” as an adult. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

DUMPHREY: Male. 35-60. The general store owner.

AUCTIONEER: Male. 30-40. A charismatic auctioneer.

NANNIE: Female. 55-75. Megan’s grandmother.

MISS ANNIE: Female. 60-80. Little M’s elderly next door neighbor.

MISS FINNEY: Female. 35-50. Principal of Little M’s school.

MR. BURKHOLDER: Male. An Amish man. (doubles with Mr. Dumphrey)

JOSEPH YODER: Male. 30-40. An Amish man, with a wife and a young family. (doubles with Auctioneer)

ELIZABETH YODER: Female. 25-40. Joseph’s wife.

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