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Cynthia Lawrence, President
Will Trinkle, Vice President
Mandy Ball
, Secretary
Gregory W. Feldmann, Treasurer


Messages from the Board

“As we celebrate the past fifty years of nationally recognized artistic excellence, Mill Mountain Theatre is proudly building for the future.  As the only professional theatre in our region with an ongoing relationship with Actors’ Equity Association, MMT’s strong fiscal management and artistic quality have reinforced our position as a leader in the theatre industry. MMT Board and Staff are committed to its financially-sustainable, market-driven business model.  We are building capital, establishing a sound infrastructure, and collaborating with other organizations to help ensure that MMT remains a key cultural and economic asset in the region for many years to come.

Thanks to YOU – our patrons, donors, families – we look forward to another 50 plus years of offering live professional theatre and world class conservatory education to the Roanoke Valley and beyond!”

– Cynthia Lawrence, Mill Mountain Theatre Board President


“Thank you for returning to your seats!

Mill Mountain Theatre is thrilled and honored to open the doors once again to our patrons, vendors, supporters, sponsors and conservatory students. 2014 is not only Mill Mountain Theatre’s first full season since our reinvention; it also marks our 50th.

We would like to thank everyone for support and patience while we were working to give Roanoke’s professional theatre back to the region. We offer special thanks to our conservatory students and dedicated staff whom helped push the doors back open.

MMT has developed a financially-sustainable and market-driven business plan that considers the new economy. With your support we are making Mill Mountain Theatre financially strong while continuing the tradition of providing excellent artistic quality. We look forward to another 50 plus years of providing live professional theatre and world class conservatory education to the Roanoke Valley and beyond.”

– Jack Avis- Mill Mountain Theatre Board Immediate Past President


“The reemerging Mill Mountain Theatre will be a key cultural asset for Roanoke as it emerges from a recession. Strong support of the theater’s reinvention will be one of the great victories of the community in this challenging time. A future generation will be grateful.”

–George Anderson- Past Mill Mountain Theatre Executive Board Member


“Mill Mountain Theatre is the gem of the Roanoke Valley. MMT enriches the lives of our children, families, and businesses which makes it vital to our community’s future success.”

– Jason Bingham- Past Mill Mountain Theatre Executive Board Member


“I simply cannot imagine Roanoke without Mill Mountain Theatre! It has earned the respect of actors, directors, and writers across the nation and is a source of pride for our community. My thanks to all who have made MMT great in the past and to all those who are ensuring its future. ”

– Nancy Ruth Patterson- Mill Mountain Theatre Executive Board Member


Board Members

John C. Anstey, Chair: Marketing Committee
John T. Avis,  Immediate Past President
Mandy Ball, Board Secretary
Nathaniel L. Bishop
Carter R. Brothers, Chair: Personnel Committee
George Cartledge III
Ben Chapman
Robert Falconetti
Gregory W. Feldmann, Board Treasurer, Chair: Finance Committee
Jeanne P. Fishwick
Nancy O. Gray
Laurence E. Kufel
Cynthia Lawrence, Board President
John D. Lugar
Elizabeth Rice Martin, M.D.
Sydney Nordt
Lee E. Osborne, Chair: Nominations Committee
Nancy Ruth Patterson, Chair: Program Committee
Jim Petrine
Judy Tenzer
Astrid Thornhill
Will Trinkle, Vice President, Past Board President
Debra Vascik

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