2018 Season Auditions: Roanoke, Virginia

AUDITIONS FOR THE 2018 SEASON will be held on January 26 & 27, 2018 at the MMT Rehearsal Studio, located at 20 Church Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24011 on the 3rd floor. Free and metered parking is available nearby.

If you are interested in auditioning, please email a headshot and resume to with ROANOKE AUDITIONS in the subject line. AEA members may contact to schedule an audition appointment. EMC and non-Equity actors will be seen as time permits at these auditions. Please still submit all materials to for more information.

Non-Equity only: in the email submission, please denote if you have local housing (within ~30 miles of Downtown Roanoke) available.



If auditioning for A Chorus LineWest Side Story, Spring Awakening or the Summer Apprentice Company, please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of our season. We may ask to hear a 1-minute monologue or contrasting 32 bars.

If auditioning for The Christmas Cup or The Christians, please prepare a 1-minute monologue. We may ask you to read sides.

If auditioning for A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Spring Awakening or the Summer Apprentice Company, please be prepared to attend a dance call from 12 – 1 PM on either Friday or Saturday


Unless specified, actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition for all roles.



Rehearsals February 6 – 21

Previews & Performances February 22 – March 11

ROLAND: Male. 25-40. A charming, laid-back beekeeper. Warm and open, with a good sense of humor. Earthy and likeable. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MARIANNE: Female. Age 25-40. A fiercely intelligent scientist dealing with a terminal illness. A serious professional working in the top of her field. Quirky, dreamy, friendly, warm and quick-witted. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.


Rehearsals April 2 – 25

Previews & Performances April 26 – May 13

All roles listed must be portrayed by exceptional dancers who also sing and act very well.


ZACH: Male. 30-45. The director and choreographer of the show. Actor who moves extremely well.

LARRY: Male. 21+ Tenor. Zach’s assistant, authoritative. Accomplished dancer.

AL DELUCA: Male. 21-30. Baritone. From the Bronx. Street tough, macho, and newly married to Kristine.

BEBE BENZENHEIMER: Female. 21-30 to play 22. Mezzo. Natural and unaffected, bit of an “ugly duckling”

BOBBY MILLS: Male. Baritone. Flamboyant, funny, and witty. Very sharp tongued. Covers everything over with a joke; had a very hard childhood. From upstate New York.

CASSIE FERGUSON: Female. 30-39. Soprano. Older Dancer. Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer. Very strong dancer. Shy and kind hearted. Previously had a relationship with Zach.

CONNIE WONG: Female. 21-34. Asian. Alto. Accomplished dancer who sings. Small in stature- sings about being 4 foot 10.

DIANA MORALES: Female. 21-30. Latina. Athletic dancer with strong mix/belt. Streetwise, a little bit tough, eternal optimist and starry eyed.

DON KERR: Male. 20-29. Baritone. Very sure of himself. Cool, Midwest, married, All-American.

GREGORY GARDENER: Male. 32. Baritone. Sassy, Jewish gay man with a wicked wit. Very East Side New York.

JUDY TURNER: Female. 21-30. Mezzo. Funny, gawky, nervous. Warm and hopeful. Very awkward except when dancing.

KRISTINE URICH: Female. 21-30. Comedic sensibility and nervous energy. Al’s scatter-brained wife who can’t sing.

MAGGIE WINSLOW: Female. 21-30. Soprano with strong mix/belt. A sweetheart, little sister type. Dreamer. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MARK ANTHONY: Male. 20. Tenor. Optimistic; first-timer; naïve but charming. Great dancer and All-American kid. The youngest of the group. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MIKE COSTA: Male. 21-30. Tenor. Quite aggressive, determined, cocky, sure of himself BUT likeable. Tap dancer. Experienced; flirtatious. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

PAUL SAN MARCO: Male. 21-30. Latino. Baritone. Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing; only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. Accomplished actor and dancer.

RICHIE WALTERS: Male. 21-32. African-American. Tenor. From Missouri. strong dancer, enthusiastic, cool and very funny. Likeable and laid back. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

SHEILA BRYANT: Female, 27-39. Alto. Oldest dancer on the line. Confident, brassy, sexy, bitchy, and sophisticated. One of the more popular dancers; humorous.

VAL CLARK: Female. 21-32. Alto. Sexy, sassy, funny. A foul-mouthed but excellent dancer who couldn’t get performing jobs because of her looks until she had plastic surgery. A brazen, direct, attention-seeker.

CUT DANCERS: Men and Women ages 20-39 who are accomplished dancers and singers.



This will be performed as a staged readingSeeking non-Equity actors ONLY.


PASTOR PAUL: Male. 40-49. Pastor of a very big church; professorial in demeanor; definitely does not have the stereotypical televangelist vibe.

ELDER JAY: Male. 50-79. Collegial, a long-time friend of Paul’s; the diplomat, trying his best to make all parties happy.

ASSOCIATE PASTOR JOSHUA: Male. 26-34. Younger than Pastor Paul; a bit green, but definitely charismatic and very earnest.

ELIZABETH: Female. 40-49. Pastor Paul’s wife; an important leader of the church; resolute and actually quite angry at Paul; she holds her cards close to her chest until she doesn’t.

CONGREGANT JENNY: Female. 30-39. Single mother; whip-smart and honest; has a lot of questions for Paul and the direction he’s taking the church.



Rehearsals: May 21 – June 1

Performances: June 2 – 30

This production will tour the Roanoke Valley and play free performances in libraries, parks and other non-traditional spaces. The company of 5 will be comprised of college-age apprentices, who will also have roles in Spring Awakening. For more information on the Apprentice program, visit

MAN #1 (FROG): Male. 18-22. Caring and loyal, always looking out for his friends, the calmer more zen of both he and Toad, simultaneously adventurous and assured. A6 – A3.

MAN #2 (TOAD): Male. 18-22. A hard worker, but impatient for results. Self-conscious, timid, stubborn, a good friend to Frog. Bari-tenor.

MAN #3: Must possess the blind determination of a nerdy snail and the “cool kid” attitude of a slick lizard. Appears as MAN BIRD, SNAIL, LIZARD, FATHER FROG and MOLE. Wide vocal range- highest note B.

WOMAN #1: Must possess the playful and quirky personality of a lady bird and strong frenetic energy of a squirrel. Appears as LADY BIRD 1, MOUSE, SQUIRREL, YOUNG FROG, and MOLE. Mezzo-soprano.

WOMAN #2: Must possess the playful and quirky personality of a lady bird and strong frenetic energy of a squirrel. Appears as LADY BIRD 2, TURTLE, SQUIRREL, MOTHER FROG, and MOLE. Soprano.



Seeking non-Equity actors age 16+ for all roles. Some roles will be played by Summer Apprentices. Any actors under the age of 18 will require parent/guardian permission to perform in this production.

Rehearsals: May 21 – June 20

Preview & Performances: June 21 – 30

WENDLA: Female. 16-22 to play high school age. innocent high school student, trapped in her family, but with every passing day, she grows bolder and more curious about the world around her. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo mix belt.

MARTHA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. high school student who lives with a life-changing secret. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo mix belt.

ILSE: Female. 18-22. Martha’s sister, lives with a painful secret of her own, has run away from home and now lives in a Parisian artists’ colony. She is Moritz’s last hope. Vocal Range: G3 – E5, featured soloist, mezzo/ mix-belt.

THEA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. Wendla’s best friend, a high school student who tries to stay innocent and pure. (Vocal Range A3- E5, featured soloist, mezzo w/ mix-belt.)

ANNA: Female. 16-21 to play high-school age. Martha’s best friend, a high school student, has a difficult time understanding Martha’s burdens. Vocal Range: A3 – C5, featured soloist, alto/ mezzo mix belt.

ADULT WOMAN: Female. 28-64. several important acting roles, including Frau Gabor (Melchior’s mother), Frau Bergman (Wendla’s mother), and Georg’s piano teacher, Fraulein Grossebustenhalter. Ensemble singe, alto.

MELCHIOR: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. smart, independent, headstrong high school student who refuses to bow down to society’s rules. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla. Vocal Range: G2 – G4, featured soloist, bari-tenor. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

MORITZ: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. Melchior’s best friend, a troubled high school student who desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. Has haunting dreams. Vocal Range: B2 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

GEORG: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. schoolmate of Melchior’s who is overcome with sexual feelings for his piano teacher. Vocal Range: Ab2 – A4, and up to a possible D5 in falsetto, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

HANSCHEN: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. a beautiful, cunning schoolmate of Melchior’s who is disarmingly comfortable with his own sexuality. He uses his good looks and intelligence to manipulate a fellow student. Vocal Range C3 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

OTTO: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. a classmate of Melchior’s who struggles with sexual feelings he considers inappropriate. Vocal Range: C3 – B4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

ERNST: Male. 16-22 to play high school age. another beautiful schoolmate of Melchior’s, but naïve and easily manipulated. Unsure of who he is sexually. Vocal Range: C3 – A4, featured soloist, bari-tenor.

ADULT MAN: Male. 28-64. Primarily acting roles, including Herr Stiefel (Moritz’s father), Herr Gabor (Melchior’s Father), and Herr Sonnenstich (the boys’ school teacher). Ensemble singer; bari-tenor.



TONY: Male. 21-30. Caucasian. A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets. Finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Strong tenor Bb2-Bb4.

MARIA: Female. 21-30. Latina. A romantic young woman.

BERNARDO: Male. 22-32. Latino. A proud, strong, handsome Puerto Rican Man. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Leader of the Sharks. Exceptional dancer. Baritone Bb2-Eb4.

ANITA: Female. 21-32. Latina. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Assertive, sassy, flirtacious and a bit of a mother hen to Maria. Extremely strong dancer/singer. Mezzo/belter F3-D5.

CHINO: Male. 21-30. Latino. An angry and, at times, naïve Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo’s. Strong dancer. Baritone Bb2-Eb4.

RIFF: Male. 21-30. Caucasian. Tony’s best friend. Intelligent, passionate leader of the Jets. Strong singer/actor/dancer. Tenor.

JETS: Male. 21-32. Caucasian. Strong, athletic singers and dancers to play Action, A-Rab, Baby John, Snowboy, Big Deal, Diesel.

SHARKS: Male. 21-32. Latino. Strong, athletic singers and dancers to play Pepe, Luis, Anxious, Nibbles, and Moose.

ANYBODYS: Female. 18-21. Caucasian. A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. Full of energy and heart. Strong dancer.

JET GIRLS: Female. 21-32. Caucasian. Strong singers and dancers, some speaking, to play Graziella, Minnie, and Clarice. (Velma has been cast)

SHARK GIRLS: Female. 21-32. Latina. Strong singers and dancers to play Rosalia, Consuelo, Francisca, and Margarita. (Teresita has been cast)

DET. SCHRANK: Male. 35-50. Caucasian. A local police detective frustrated by ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Blunt, brash, and unapologetic. Doubles with GLAD HAND, the nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance.

DOC: Male. 50-65. Caucasian. The owner of the candy store where the Jets hang out; he tries to guide the Jets youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways.

OFFICER KRUPKE. Male. 35-50. Caucasian. The local beat cop. He has no patience for the gangs’ conflict and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. Regularly mocked by the local gangs.



OLDER MEGAN: Female. 30-55. Narrator. “Little M” as an adult. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

DUMPHREY: Male. 35-60. The general store owner.

AUCTIONEER: Male. 30-40. A charismatic auctioneer.

NANNIE: Female. 55-75. Megan’s grandmother.

MISS ANNIE: Female. 60-80. Little M’s elderly next door neighbor.

MISS FINNEY: Female. 35-50. Principal of Little M’s school.

MR. BURKHOLDER: Male. An Amish man. (doubles with Mr. Dumphrey)

JOSEPH YODER: Male. 30-40. An Amish man, with a wife and a young family. (doubles with Auctioneer)

ELIZABETH YODER: Female. 25-40. Joseph’s wife.

Broadway Meets Roanoke Talent in MMT’s A Christmas Story.

December 25th is right around the corner! Complete your holiday shopping with tickets to see A Christmas Story live on stage at Mill Mountain Theatre. This faithful adaptation is fun for the whole family and runs December 6th-23rd. The cast of 16 is full of Roanoke favorites, local talent, and professional actors: brought all the way from New York City. Tickets are going fast for this classic story, be sure to reserve your spot today.

Broadway meets Roanoke talent in our cast of 12 local children and 4 professional actors, bringing A Christmas Story to life on the Trinkle Main Stage. MMT Director of Education, Travis Kendrick leads the company, having previously directed Willy Wonka JR this past summer. Three of the four adult actors are returning to Roanoke, having performed with MMT before!


Broadway Alum, Timothy Booth* plays Ralph, the narrator of A Christmas Story. Having performed in the Broadway and Touring Company of Mamma Mia!, Booth is a Virginia native, and delighted to return to Mill Mountain Theatre after having performed in Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady, and more 26 years ago. Since his Roanoke days credits include Broadway: Mamma Mia!, Tours: Mamma Mia!, She Loves Me, Disney On Classic with Tokyo Philharmonic, Regional: To Kill A Mockingbird, I Love A Piano, 9to5, Game Show, The Music Man, Noises Off, A Wonderful Life and Camelot, Disney Cruise Lines: Broadway guest artist in Aladdin, Disney’s Believe!, and Villains Tonight!. Television: The TONY Awards, Law & Order SVU, The Guiding Light, As The World Turns, and many commercials.


Julia VanderVeen* plays Mother and is thrilled to be joining the cast of A Christmas Story! A NC native, she now lives in NYC with her brand new husband and their two cats. Favorite roles include: Katherine: In the Next Room (NC Stage Company), Honey: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Immediate Theatre Project), Annelle: Steel Magnolias (Flat Rock Playhouse), Weird sister: MacBeth (Shakespeare Dallas). TV: A Crime to Remember (Mrs. Nelson), various commercials.



Scott Watson, The Old Man, is thrilled to be returning to Mill Mountain Theatre having previously been in this year’s The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee and 2016’s The Odd Couple. He has been in Off-Broadway productions of Taming of the Shrew & Henry V (New York Classical Theatre), Drunk Shakespeare (The Lounge), Going Once, Laughing Twice (St Luke’s Theatre) Regional: Hamlet & Two Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare on the Sound) Othello & Much Ado About Nothing (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival), Taming of the Shrew (Roxy Regional) Hamlet & The Winters Tale (Adirondack Shakespeare)  Film: Neighbors, When the Moon was Twice as Big, Zombie Apocalypse TV: A Crime to Remember, The Perfect Murder, Shadow of Doubt, Redrum. BA Grand Valley State University in Michigan. @scottymwatson.


Jorie Janeway, Miss Shields, is thrilled to be in Roanoke for the holidays again this year! She was last seen on the Mill Mountain stage as Martha Watson in White Christmas.  She hails from the west coast and is a proud company member of the Actors Co-op Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  Jorie has had the opportunity to tour nationally and internationally with Hairspray and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Other favorite regional roles include the Chaperone in The Drowsy Chaperone, Maggie Jones in 42nd Street, and Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense.  Check her out at


Sawyer Mullins plays Ralphie, and is a 7th grader at Read Mountain Middle School. Sawyer is thrilled to be back on MMT’s Trinkle Stage in A Christmas Story. He has previously been seen at MMT in Aesop’s Fables, Into The Woods, Jr., and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He enjoys playing guitar, piano, saxophone and ukulele.





Beckett Socha, Ralphie’s kid brother Randy, is a 5th grader at Blacksburg New School in Blacksburg, VA.  Beckett is excited to be back on the Mill Mountain Stage after previously performing in Beauty and the Beast and Willy Wonka Jr.  This is actually Beckett’s second time appearing in A Christmas Story, but his first time in the role of Randy (the first time he channeled his inner bully as Grover Dill).  In his free time Beckett enjoys playing video games and soccer. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and strums a pretty mean ukulele!


Jacob Snead, the tongue stuck Flick, makes his debut at Mill Mountain Theatre. Previously performing in Showtimer’s Cheaper by the Dozen in 2016. He enjoys playing piano, lives with his family, their two Shih Tzus and a very special rescue Chihuahua.






Griffin Shaver plays Schwartz, is in 4th grade at Oak Grove Elementary in Roanoke and this is his second show with MMT. In the spring he played the role of The Boy in The Velveteen Rabbit after taking conservatory classes for several semesters. In addition to acting, Griffin enjoys singing and recently performed as a treble at Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church, where he sang Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem.



Helen Weathers is played by, Caroline Moledor, a 7th grade homeschool student who is so excited to be in A Christmas Story! She has most recently been seen in MMT’s production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Katie/Mrs. Van Tassle.) Other MMT credits include Willy Wonka Jr. (Matilda) and The Velveteen Rabbit (Ballerina Doll). She was also seen in RCT’s production of Seussical (Thing 2.) Her hobbies include playwriting, bucket drumming, and playing piano.



Mariah Eakin, plays the boy crazy Esther Jane, an 8th grader at North Cross School where she studies choral music.  She is a recent member of the All District and All State Middle School Honor Choirs.  She also enjoys dance and playing softball on her 16U Roanoke Blast team.  Mariah is very excited to return to MMT Main Stage in her first play.  She would like to thank her parents for supporting her love of theatre.




Graham Roudebush, Scut Farkas, is excited to be returning to the Mill Mountain stage after his recent portrayal of Grandpa George in Willy Wonka Jr., as well as haunting the Fishburn Mansion as one of the adolescent spectres in Dead Of Night. Premiering in MMT’s The Velveteen Rabbit, he has performed both in church and school talent shows, and has developed a love for classic American film and song.  As a student at Andrew Lewis Middle, he runs track and plays saxophone in both the jazz and concert bands.



James Moledor, performs in the ensemble understudying Ralphie, Flick, and Schwartz, he is excited to return to MMT after performing in Willy Wonka, Jr. (Mike TeaVee), The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as well as participating in conservatory classes. A 6th grade homeschool student, James has also been seen in RCT’s production of Seussical (JoJo u/s) and Take One Step at Peppercorn Theatre (Winston- Salem), among others.



Mia Gearhart, ensemble member and understudies Helen & Esther Jane, is 11 years old and attends Glenvar Middle. In October 2014 she was in The Boo Revue at Showtimers Theatre and played in Mill Mountain’s Wizard of Oz. The summer of 2015 she played in Beauty and the Beast Jr. at Mill Mountain Theatre. 2016 Mia was a tapping chimney sweep in Mary Poppins at Attic Productions. Summer 2017 was in Willy Wonka Jr. and recently finished In Dead of the Night for Mill Mountain Theatre. She loves taking her acting classes and spending time with family.


The Child Ensemble is rounded out with Parker Addison, Quinn Roudebush, and Madalene Long. Parker Addison is a 4 th grader at Mountain View Elementary School and studies at Miss Mona’s School of Dance & Performing Arts. 
Quinn Roudebush is making her Mill Mountain premiere in A Christmas Story. A veteran of the MMT summer camp experience, Quinn also sings in the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir. Madalene Long is in fifth grade at Crystal Spring Elementary. Having spent most of her life in Florida, she loves playing the trumpet, singing in the children’s choir at St. John’s Episcopal Church, and making everyone laugh.  


A Christmas Story runs December 6th-23rd on the Trinkle Main Stage at Mill Mountain Theatre. Tickets range from $20-40 and can be purchased online at or by calling 540-342-5740. Be sure to follow this production by searching the hashtag #LegLamp on social media.


Timothy Booth* and Julia VanderVeen* appear courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.

Tickets going fast for ‘A CHRISTMAS STORY’

Kick off your holiday season with the adaptation of the classic Christmas movie we all know and love! Tickets are already going fast to see the classic film A Christmas Story live on stage at Mill Mountain Theatre running December 6-23. Philip Grecian’s faithful theatrical adaptation closely follows the 1983 Turner Entertainment film.


A Christmas Story is one of those movies that families watch every year as a tradition.  This holiday season MMT brings you the staged play that follows the movie very closely – you’ll recognize all your favorite lines and scenes: Red Ryder, Santa’s slide at Higbee’s, a stuck tongue, and a pink bunny suit!” says Director Travis Kendrick.  The only thing better than watching A Christmas Story, is watching it come to life before your eyes in a theatre!”


For Christmas, all 9-year-old Ralphie Parker wants is one thing: a genuine Red Ryder BB gun with a compass and this thing that tells time built right into the stock. But mother, teacher, and even the Santa Claus at Higbee’s Department Store tell him the same thing: “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Follow Ralphie’s quest for the gift of his dreams, all while enjoying the favorite elements from the movie.


The cast of 16 is full of Roanoke favorites, local talent, and professional actors, brought all the way from New York City. 7th Grader at Read Mountain Middle School, Sawyer Mullins, plays the child character of Ralphie Parker. Mullins was last seen on the Waldron Stage in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Scott Watson, Jorie Janeway, & Timothy Booth* all return to the MMT stage after performing in multiple Mill Mountain productions, with many as recent as this year’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Watson) and last year’s White Christmas (Janeway), to 26 years ago when Timothy Booth* performed classics like Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady, Me and My Girl and Tomfoolery for Roanoke audiences.


Producing Artistic Director, Ginger Poole is ecstatic to bring the classic story of A Christmas Story to life. “This is such a holiday favorite and we cannot wait to bring it to the MMT Stage for the first time!” she says. “I had fans of the movie quoting their favorite lines to me as early as Halloween and now that we are getting closer to the holiday season I am hearing more and more excitement about this show coming to the Roanoke Valley. Ticket sales are already shining bright and folks should not wait to buy their tickets for this one!”


A Christmas Story runs December 6th-23rd on the Trinkle Main Stage at Mill Mountain Theatre. Tickets range from $20-40 and can be purchased online at or by calling 540-342-5740. Be sure to follow this production by searching the hashtag #LegLamp on social media.


Timothy Booth* appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.

MMT seeks short plays by local young people for 2nd Annual Festival

Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory, the onsite, pre-professional training program at Mill Mountain Theatre, is seeking submissions of short plays for Write Stuff!, the second annual festival of new works penned by local students. The playwriting contest will have categories for Middle School and High School playwrights, and winning plays will be selected by a panel of Mill Mountain Theatre professional artists. The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2017. The chosen plays will be performed as part of a festival of staged-readings on February 10, 2018 on the Waldron Stage. Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory students will act in the staged-readings directed by Mill Mountain Theatre staff.


Write Stuff! serves to connect Mill Mountain Theatre’s expanding education programming with its historical and ongoing commitment to new play development. Ginger Poole, Mill Mountain Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director, expressed excitement about the newest addition to Mill Mountain Theatre’s Young Audiences programming. “Beginning with the Norfolk Southern Festival of New Works and continuing through our partnership with the Hollins Playwrights Lab, new work has been an important element of Mill Mountain Theatre’s identity. Expanding that vision to invest in the development of young writers has been a desire of mine for several years, and I am thrilled that our education department now has the capacity to take on this effort.  Our inaugural festival was a success, and I look forward to bringing back the second annual festival and to watch its growth and success happen over the next several years.” she said.


The mission to encourage student authors is also in alignment with Mill Mountain Theatre’s pedagogical goals. “Write Stuff is an incredible experience for young artists to work on a new play process.  It isn’t often that young people get to be involved in brand new plays: learning how scripts change, how characters are developed, and how to work with a playwright in the room,” says Travis Kendrick, Mill Mountain Theatre’s Director of Education. “Last year, Mill Mountain Theatre gave this experience to three young playwrights, who got to see their words come to life onstage as other young actors embodied the characters that they had created.  The new plays performed to a full house, and each playwright participated in a talk back discussion with the audience afterwards,” he added.


Scripts, 10-15 minutes in length, should be formatted as PDFs and emailed to with the subject line “Write Stuff! Submission.” The deadline for script submissions is December 31st, 2017. Winners will be notified by January 15th, 2018. Performance and presentation of winning plays will be February 10th, 2018 on MMT’s Waldron Stage.

Mill Mountain Theatre’s 2017 Gift Guide



Gifts Under $50

2 tickets to The Christians May 18 & 19, 2018 ($38.40)

2 tickets to the preview night of Constellations, Thursday, February 22, 2018. ($38.40)

2 tickets to Constellations, February 23 – March 11, 2018 (perfect for a date night!) ($46.60)


Gifts Under $100

2 tickets to the preview night of A Chorus Line, April 25th, 2018 ($63.00)

2 tickets to An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber, onstage June 1 & 2, 2018 ($63.00)

2 tickets to A Chorus Line, onstage April 27th-May 13th ($87.70)

2 tickets to A Christmas Story, best section, onstage December 6 – 23, 2017 ($96.20)


Gifts Under $150

2 subscriptions to the Mill Mountain Music Series ($113.10)

2 subscriptions to the Waldron Fringe Preview Series ($117.10)

2 subscriptions to the Waldron Fringe Series ($128.92)

2 adult and 2 youth tickets to A Christmas Story ($149.80)


Gifts Under $250

2 subscriptions to the Trinkle Main Stage Preview package, best section (235.46)

1 spring class tuition ($175 – $200)


Gifts Under $500

2 subscriptions to the Trinkle Main Stage package, yellow section ($253.55)

2 subscriptions to the Trinkle Main Stage package, best section ($265.33)

2 subscriptions to the All-In Package, best section ($431.63)

2 subscriptions to the All-In Preview Package, best section ($452.56)


Gifts of Any Amount

Gift certificates to Mill Mountain Theatre

A donation to Mill Mountain Theatre in honor of someone special



For the theatre buff

MMT’s 2018 season features a number of productions that will satisfy any self-proclaimed theatre buff. The classics A Chorus Line and West Side Story are absolutely sure to please. Or check out the latest Broadway and off-Broadway plays Constellations and The Christians, now inspiring audiences across the country. Of course, the best gift for the theatre lover is a season subscription– tickets to multiple shows with unlimited free exchanges, all at an unbeatable price!


For the angsty teen in your life

Spring Awakening was a hit with young adults when it made its premiere on Broadway in 2006, and inspired a whole new generation of angst-ridden, lovelorn teens when it was revived on Broadway in 2015. Tickets to our summer production are the perfect gift from a “cool” adult to the teen in your life. (Buyer beware: Spring Awakening is rated R for a great deal of adult language and content.)


For the Hamilton-obsessed

Lin-Manuel Miranda was mentored by composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim while writing the smash hit Hamilton. See Sondheim’s lyrics on display in this season’s West Side Story, an inspirational love story that completely changed the landscape of American musical theatre.



For the romantic

A date night to the recent Broadway hit Constellations is sure to satisfy any fan of a rom-com or epic love story. Fans of movies such as The Notebook or the recent Me Before You will laugh, cry, and thoroughly enjoy this love story of cosmic proportions.


For your ladies’ night group

Spend an evening out with your best friends indulging in show tunes by the famous music theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber will feature songs from his best known shows: Evita, Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sunset Boulevard, and of course, the perennial hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Make a night of it and meet up for cocktails before or after the show downtown! Lucky, Fortunato or another of our partnering restaurants are sure to impress. (check out the full list here: FPS (inside the Patrick Henry Hotel), Fortunato, Lucky, & Shula’s 347 Grill.


*All prices assume a purchase online with a credit card, with physical tickets being mailed to your address. You can save money by purchasing in person at the box office, especially with cash or a check.



Dance Audition Masterclass NOV 4th 10am-12pm


MMTC will conduct this masterclass like a real ‘dance call’. Staff will teach ballet, jazz, and tap combinations, and debrief after; giving helpful hints and advice. Experience a professional dance audition without the pressure.

Masterclass will be held in the 3rd Floor Dance studio at: 20 Church Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24011

​Varying levels and experience is welcome, as this is for you to learn more about how to navigate a typical ‘dance call’.

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow | OCT 21st-28th

Mill Mountain Theatre presents: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, as part of their Young Audience Series, running Oct 21st-28th on the Waldron Stage. Irving’s story was adapted into a new play by MMT’s Resident Creative and Teaching Artist, Christopher Castanho, directed by Director of Education, Travis Kendrick, and features eight local middle to high school students.

It’s Halloween night and Will invites his friends up to the attic to tell spooky stories.  When the group of children find a copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in an old trunk, they decide to act it out using only things found in the attic.  This inventive and theatrical retelling of Washington Irving’s classic story is perfect Halloween fun for the whole family. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, published in 1820, tells the story of Ichabod Crane and his attempt to win the heart of his love, Katrina Van Tassel. This comical and ghostly tale follows Crane through the town of Sleepy Hollow, NY, where he is visited by a mysterious ghost, the Headless Horseman.

“In this production, we are using flashlights, shadow-play, and puppetry to tell Ichabod Crane’s story in a whole new way.” says Travis Kendrick, Director. “The cast has been so collaborative and brought so many creative ideas to the table – you haven’t seen a show like this at MMT before. You won’t want to miss it!”

This unique adaptation puts a new spin on the classic story, while retaining the integrity of a tale we all know and love. “I wanted to tell the original story with Ichabod and the Headless Horseman, but also have new characters created by these actors.” says Playwright, Christopher Castanho. “Having the opportunity to originate a role is such a unique experience, and it’s been great watching our actors rise to the occasion.” This specific script was written exclusively for MMT’s programming, as part of their initiative to sponsor new work within their educational environment.

Each child that attends a performance of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will receive a free book as a part of Mill Mountain Theatre’s mission of connecting reading and literacy.

Sponsors of the 2017 Young Audience Series of performances include American National Bank, Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital, chocolatepaper, Claytor/Wirt Associates, Davis H. Elliot Co., Friendship Foundation, The Kroger Co., Lanford Brothers Co., LeClairRyan, Roanoke Valley Orthodontics and Woods Rogers PLC.

The production features a company of eight actors: Colby Ervin, Caitlin Carter, Charles Meidlinger, James Moledor, Haley Chey Lynch, Victoria Riego De Dios, Sawyer Mullins, and Caroline Moledor. The production is stage managed by Henry Stevens, Costume Design by Layla Izabella, Set & Sound Design by Travis Kendrick, and Lighting Design by Adam Neely.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow opens on Saturday, October 21st, with performances at 2 PM and 7 PM on MMT’s Waldron Stage (20 Church Ave, SE). Other performances are slated for October 25th at 7 PM, October 27th at 7 PM, and October 28th at 2 PM and 7 PM. Admission is ‘pay-what-you-can’ at the door. No advance tickets will be sold for the listed performances above.

Shakespeare Crash Course


Learn the keys to unlocking William Shakespeare’s text with this 6-week Crash Course running November 13th-December 18th. Investigate sonnets, monologues, and scenes from Shakespeare’s canon every Monday night. Discover the magic of the Bard and walk away with a piece to call your own!

Class is offered to students in 6th grade-Adult. Conservatory students can use this course to sharpen their Shakespeare skills in order to prepare for MMT’s “The Tempest” running May 4th-12th.

Register now at


Actor Spotlight on Little Shop Of Horrors Performers


Nine actors from all over the country come together in Roanoke to bring you the cult musical classic Little Shop of Horrors running October 4th-22nd on the Trinkle Main Stage at Mill Mountain Theatre.  The show is based off the 1960 low-budget cult film directed by Roger Corman, starring Jonathan Haze as Seymour and Jackie Joseph as Audrey. The original Off-Broadway production ran for five years after its premiere at the Orpheum Theatre in 1982.

Producing Artistic Director, Ginger Poole, choreographs. “For the creative team, Little Shop was on all our bucket lists,” she says, “So it just makes sense this year to bring this to Roanoke.” Four of nine cast members are returning to Roanoke for this production, including Josh Walker who is on staff at Mill Mountain as a Resident Teaching Artist.

Starring as Seymour Krelbourn is Cole Smith, New York City native and graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Having performed regionally in The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), Bring It On (Randall), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius), and The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks (Norman) “My favorite part of this show has been working with this phenomenal cast.” says Smith, grinning. When asked about the cast, he replied “This whole group, you gotta see them!”

Returning to Roanoke after performing in Mill Mountain’s previous  productions of Hairspray as Penny and The  Music Of ABBA is Lindsay Nantz. Nantz will be starring as Audrey, the  ‘gum-snapping, bleached-blonde secret love of Seymour’s life’. Regional credits include The Great American Trailer Park Musical (Pickles), The Secret Garden (Lily), Les Miserables (Cosette), Grease (Patty Simcox), and more.




Jason Marks* is delighted to be making his Mill Mountain Theatre debut with Little Shop of Horrors as Mr. Mushnik.  New York: Young Edgar, Bound for Broadway, Broadway Gypsy of the Year (with Carol Channing).  Regional: Holmes & Watson Save the Empire (Oregon Cabaret Theatre), The Producers (Park Playhouse), Shrek (New Stage Theatre), Hairspray (Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre). Mr. Marks is an award-winning singer and actor.  Awards include 2012 Theresa Pollak Prize for Excellence in the Arts, Richmond Magazine; 2010 Your Big Broadway Break winner, Staybridge Suites Times Square; two-time Artsie Award Winner, Richmond Theatre Critic’s Circle.  *Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.


Recently graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory is Jordan Leigh McCaskill, playing Chiffon. This New Jersey native has played Addaperle in The Wiz, Crystal in Little Shop of Horrors, and a Dynamite in Hairspray; all performed at Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre. Jordan hopes to continue to spread love, inclusivity, and acceptance through art whether she is performing, directing, or writing. 


Originally from Detroit, Jenia Head is really excited to be at Mill Mountain Theatre and performing the role of Crystal in Little Shop. A recent graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, her professional credits include Sadie in Having Our Say, Ensemble in Rock of Ages and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at Timberlake Playhouse and Tarzan at Jenny Wiley Theatre.


Troy Jackson is excited to take part in her first production at Mill Mountain Theatre as Ronette. A Florida native, Jackson’s regional theatre credits include Queenie u/s, Showboat; Motormouth Maybelle, Hairspray; Bloody Mary, Big River; Effie, Dreamgirls; and Ronnie, HAIR among others. She is also a part of the legendary Blues Brothers Show at Universal Studios Florida, where she appears as Mabel.


Reggie Bromell is thrilled to be returning to Mill Mountain Theatre as the Voice of Audrey Two after performing in Smokey Joe’s Cafe as Adrian. Tour Credits include: Pippin National Tour, and Memphis National Tour. Favorite Regional Credits include: Dreamgirls at North Shore Music Theatre, Memphis at Mason Street Warehouse, Sister Act at the Broadway Palm, and Shrek at the Dutch Apple. Reggie was also featured in the Hollywood film Magic Mike XXL as a dancer.


A recent graduate from William Peace University in Raleigh, NC is Josh Walker, the plant puppeteer. Originally from New Jersey, he began Musical Theatre while attending Howard. W. Blake High School of Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida. This summer he was seen throughout Roanoke in The Jungle Book as Bagheera and on Mill Mountain’s Waldron stage in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee as Mitch Mahoney. Some of his favorite roles include Samuel in Pirates of Penzance, Lymon in Piano Lesson, ensemble member in Sweeney Todd, and Garcin in No Exit.


Thrilled to be returning to the MMT stage from New York City is performer Nick Jones. Having performed in Best of Broadway: The Songs of the 2000s and last year’s productions of Smokey Joe’s Cafe and White Christmas in previous years. NY Credits: Oh, Kay (Musicals Tonight), The First Noel: A New Musical. 1st National Tour: Nice Work if You Can Get It. Regional: Mamma Mia (Sky), The Sound of Music (Rolf), Shrek.

Director Alicia Varcoe says “This cult favorite musical is sure to please our Roanoke Valley audiences- it’s equal parts funny, frightening and touching, and full of catchy songs. I’m thrilled to work with such a stellar cast to bring this musical to Mill Mountain Theatre for the very first time.”

Featuring a hit 1960s pop/rock score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, this smash-hit musical features the songs “Suddenly Seymour,” “Skid Row,” “Feed Me (Git It)” and many more. Little Shop of Horrors runs Oct 4th-22nd. Tickets range from $20-40 and can be purchased online or at the Center in the Square Box Office.

The production is Directed by Alicia Varcoe, Choreographed by Ginger Poole, Music Directed by Seth Davis, Stage Managed by Sammy Brown*, Scenic Design by Shannon Robert, Lighting Design by Bill Webb, Costume Design by Keith Schneider, Props by Jacob Foster, Sound Design by Tim Stanley, Technical Direction by Karen Gierchak, Scenic Charge by Ken Scar, Assistant Stage Managed by Hannah Bergere.

Rated: PG for Comical Violence – suitable for younger audiences


Little Shop Of Horrors At Mill Mountain Theatre

Mill Mountain Theatre presents the hilarious Little Shop Of Horrors, October 4th-22nd.

From the music & lyrical team that brought you the original animated film “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast” comes a musical of a different style. Part horror comedy musical, part sci-fi spoof; all delicious fun, Little Shop of Horrors has been making audiences all over the country scream with laughter since its debut in the early 80’s.

Josh Walker Photography

A meek floral assistant Seymour Krelbourn, played by Cole Smith, discovers a new breed of plant and names it “Audrey II” after his co-worker crush. The plant, however, has a mind of its own, and promises Seymour fame and fortune as long as Seymour feeds him what he really wants- BLOOD!

The musical is based off the 1960 low-budget cult film directed by Roger Corman, starring Jonathan Haze as Seymour and Jackie Joseph as Audrey. The original Off-Broadway production ran for five years after its premiere at the Orpheum Theatre in 1982.

Director Alicia Varcoe “This cult favorite musical is sure to please our Roanoke Valley audiences- its equal parts funny, frightening and touching, and full of catchy songs. I’m thrilled to work with such a stellar cast to bring this musical to Mill Mountain Theatre for the very first time.”

Turned into a movie in 1986, starring Rick Moranis as Seymour, Steve Martin as Audrey’s sadistic dentist boyfriend, and Levi Stubbs as the voice of Audrey II. Featuring a hit 1960s pop/rock score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, this smash-hit musical features the songs “Suddenly Seymour,” “Skid Row,” “Feed Me (Git It)” and many more.

Rated: PG for Comical Violence – suitable for younger audiences

Our 2018 Season

Our upcoming 2018 season will consist of four main stage musicals on the Trinkle, four shows for Young Audiences, three productions in the Waldron Fringe Series, two concerts in their Music Series, and a special family event. A brilliant balance of shows that all will enjoy.

Producing Artistic Director, Ginger Poole, speaks on MMT’s recent growth and their 2018 season “Mill Mountain Theatre has quadrupled programming since 2013. We could not be more excited about all the different components to this 2018 season, from classics to newer works, to tours and concerts. With programming on 2 different stages, Mill Mountain Theatre has something for everyone!”

Trinkle Main Stage

Mill Mountain Theatre Announces 2018 Season

Four big-cast shows of drama, comedy, music, and family fun, all with impressive production quality.

A Chorus Line, April 25-May 13: Hopeful, heartbreaking and hilarious, A Chorus Line tells the personal stories of 17 dancers auditioning for 8 spots in the chorus of a new Broadway show. Through song and dance they describe the families, jobs, and tough times that shaped their lives and careers. Unforgettable songs by Marvin Hamlisch include “What I Did For Love,” “At The Ballet,” and the joyous finale, “One.”

Shrek The Musical TYA, August 1-12: Once Upon a time, as all fairytales begin, there lived an ogre named Shrek. His swamp was invaded by castoff characters from other fairytales. To reclaim the swamp, Shrek must rescue a princess and in the process, he falls in love with her. Adapted from the animated feature film, this one-hour Theatre for Young Audiences adaptation will be cast with talented local children and teens, many from our MMT Conservatory program. In conjunction with this production, MMT will distribute free books to student audience members, as part of our initiative connecting theatre to literacy.

West Side Story, October 3-21: Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this classic follows warring families of teenaged gangs and star-crossed lovers, desperate for somewhere to be together forever. The romantic and violent story is told through choreography based on the Jerome Robbins original Tony Award-winning dances, with the music of Leonard Bernstein and the words of then beginner Stephen Sondheim. Since its Broadway debut 60 years ago, it has remained a shining example of the best of this truly American art form. This production of West Side Story is MMT’s contribution to the global celebration of composer Leonard Bernstein’s centennial.

The Christmas Cup, December 5-23: The love between a young girl and her wise grandmother is brought to life on stage from the pages of a story by Nancy Ruth Patterson, Roanoke’s beloved author and educator. The story revolves around a beat up old milkshake cup where Megan collects a year’s worth of scrimped money. Her meager savings and the anonymous gift she buys with them are a metaphor for this season of love and generosity.

Music Series

Mill Mountain Theatre Announces 2018 Season

Two musical concerts, with four fun-filled nights of well known tunes.

An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber, June 1 & 2: Over the past 50 years, much of the most memorable theatre music has been the creation of English composer and impresario, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Knighted by the Queen in 1992 for his service to music, Lloyd Webber composed The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats, the recent School of Rock, and many others. MMT’s intimate concert format encourages you to hum along to your favorites.

A Taste of Country, August 24 & 25: We live in the birthplace of country music and all grew up with those songs and singers – from Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Dolly Parton to Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Alan Jackson. MMT invites you to savor a taste of the rich history of our nation’s authentic soundtrack in an evening of trucks, dogs, the open road and love – lost and found.

Waldron Fringe Series

Mill Mountain Theatre Announces 2018 Season

Three productions of new or newly revived shows with a strong dramatic impact that reaches for audience engagement.

Constellations, February 22 to March 11: Science and romance collide in this sophisticated love story. Constellations is a spellbinding journey about a simple encounter between a man and a woman that quickly defies the usual boundaries of a relationship, and ends by asking audiences to ponder the differences between choice and destiny.

The Christians, May 18 & 19: Pastor Paul approaches the pulpit on the day when his megachurch is celebrating paying off its debt. To the surprise of his congregation, his sermon reveals that the church is taking a new direction theologically. Fractured by a dispute over salvation and damnation, this is a play about religious schism in modern America. This play will be presented as a staged reading. (Actors will have scripts in hand)

Spring Awakening, June 21-30: A rock musical about teenagers caught between the tumult of adolescence and the frustrating lack of experience with sex, pregnancy, abortion and suicide, guilt, innocence and death, all with wailing guitars, driving percussion and tortured young voices. The musical, based on a 19th century German play, won 8 Tony Awards in 2006.

Young Audiences

Mill Mountain Theatre Announces 2018 Season

Four delightful productions, three in the Waldron, and one in the community, all encouraging literacy and for children to read.

Write Stuff, February 10: MMT’s program to encourage young playwrights culminates in staged productions of the winning scripts. The competition is open to middle- and high-school students and the deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2017.

The Tempest, May 4-12: Sorcerers, sprites and spirits meet villains, and monsters, and kings in Shakespeare’s tragicomedy set on a remote island complete with a shipwreck. Romance and a raging storm end in revelations, redemption and marriage as Shakespeare’s plays so often do. MMT’s shortened adaptation of the original script, an excellent introduction to Shakespeare for Middle and High School students, will be acted by MMT Conservatory students. In conjunction with this production, MMT will distribute free books to student audience members, as part of our initiative connecting theatre to literacy.

Mother Goose Tales, May 4-12: A collection of well-known fairytales and nursery rhymes will come to life in song and pantomime. Children from MMT’s Conservatory will perform these classic tales for other children. In conjunction with this production, MMT will distribute free books to student audience members, as part of our initiative connecting theatre to literacy.

A Year with Frog and Toad, June 2-30: This charming musical, the first children’s show to reach Broadway, is a year in the life of two amphibian friends and a host of other woodland characters. Songs about flying, swimming and sledding will take young audiences into a fantasy forest of new friends and adventures. MMT will perform this show around the region at schools, libraries, parks and neighborhood venues to delight families. Admission is free and, MMT will distribute free books to student audience members, as part of our initiative connecting theatre to literacy.

Family Special Event

Mill Mountain Theatre Announces 2018 SeasonA staged reading of a Roanoke classic

A Simple Gift, November 9-10: Roanoke educator Nancy Ruth Patterson’s delightful story is about 10-year-old Carrie O’Connor, who wants to be an actress. After starring in her class play at her New York City school, she convinces her parents to let her audition for a theater in North Carolina that is doing a play based on a book written by her mother! A plucky audition gets Carrie in the cast, but before opening night she makes a blunder so big it threatens to topple the whole production. Then everyone learns about making amends for mistakes. Join the MMT Family in a special tribute to Nancy Ruth Patterson’s career-long creativity and devotion to our community.

Season Subscriptions

Season subscriptions are available now on their website, or by clicking HERE. There are many different packages within subscriptions:

Trinkle Productions – Package includes: A Chorus Line, Shrek the Musical-TYA Version, West Side Story, and The Christmas Cup.

Music Series – Package includes: An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and A Taste of Country.

Waldron Fringe Series – Package includes: Constellations, The Christians, and Spring Awakening.

All In Package – Package includes: A Chorus Line, Shrek the Musical-TYA Version, West Side Story, The Christmas Cup, An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber, A Taste of Country, Constellations, The Christians, and Spring Awakening.

All other ticketed productions are available to add on to any package.
Subscribers have access to reserved seats to our general admission shows

Group Sales

Groups of 10 – 50 people enjoy 10% off their ticket price, while groups of over 50 people enjoy 15% off their ticket price.
Present your group ticket stub to a list of restaurants to receive 10% off of your food bill.

Mill Mountain Welcomes New Education Staff Members

Fun and exciting theatre classes this fall for kids, grades K-12 and adults began September 11th.  Instruction in Music Theatre, Acting, Dance (including Tap), Playwriting, Directing, and Improvisation will be available for all ages.  For more information about specific classes, schedules and prices visit

The Mill Mountain Theatre Education department welcomes three new instructors Emma Gwin, Christopher Castanho and Josh Walker. Previous Education Associate, Travis Kendrick, steps up to the role of Director of Education.  “I am thrilled to begin my new adventure at MMT as Director of Education.  In the past year, I have witnessed so many talented children grow as both artists and humans; I’m excited for this fantastic new team to continue to nurture students along their theatrical paths.”


Classes are taught by the following theatre professionals:

Travis Kendrick, Director of Education has worked professionally as a director, choreographer, actor, and educator across the country before coming to Mill Mountain Theatre. He holds his MFA in Directing from the University of California – Irvine and a BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University. Most recently, he adapted and directed MMT’s touring production of The Jungle Book and directed Willy Wonka Jr. Other favorite directing credits include: Reverberation, The Little Dog Laughed, Evita, Fifth Of July, The Tempest, and Blood Wedding. As an educator, he has taught for UCI, Inside Broadway, New York Kids Club, and Roxy Regional Theatre, and is excited to teach at Hollins University this fall. www.

Seth Davis, Resident Music Director is a music director and musician in both the musical theater and classical music realms in addition to being a teacher, clinician, and coach for performers and musicians of all ages. Seth has also served as musical director for Georgia Tech and Oglethorpe University in addition to teaching at The Alliance Theatre, Aurora Theatre, and judging many regional music and theater festival competitions.

Emma Gwin, Outreach Coordinator/Teaching Artist, received her B.M. in Vocal Performance from James Madison University and her Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree from George Mason University. Emma has worked as a preschool music and is a private voice. Emma has performed professionally throughout the region with credits including Laurey in Oklahoma! (Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre), Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady (Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre), Squirelle in Elephant & Piggie’s We are in a Play! (Roanoke Children’s Theatre), and Angelina in Trial By Jury (The In Series).

Christopher Castanho, Resident Creative/Teaching Artist recently graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory’s BFA Musical Theatre program. Christopher is honored to be Mill Mountain Theatre’s Resident Creative, as he loves working in many different disciplines within the theatre and the classroom. His work also exists online, writing for websites such as “The Huffington Post” and “” Follow Christopher at:

Josh Walker, Teaching Artist is a recent graduate from William Peace University in Raleigh, NC. Originally from New Jersey, he began Musical Theatre while attending Howard. W. Blake High School of Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida. He recently appeared in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee as Mitch Mahoney and The Jungle Book as Bagheera at Mill Mountain Theatre. Some of his favorite roles include Samuel in Pirates of Penzance, Lymon in Piano Lesson, ensemble member in Sweeney Todd, and Garcin in No Exit.

Mill Mountain Theatre is supported in part by Center in the Square, Actors’ Equity Association, National Endowment for the Arts and Virginia Commission for the Arts.


This fast-paced and very funny musical tells the story of six kids vying for a spelling championship while disclosing hilarious and touching stories from their home lives.  You’ll meet Leaf Coneybear, a home-schooler who doesn’t think he’s smart enough, Marcy Parks, an over achiever who is tired of winning at everything, the politically aware young feminist Logainne Scwartzandgrubenniere, and William Barfee (pronounced with “an accent aigu”) and his Magic Foot that helps him spell. The original Broadway production was nominated for 6 Tony awards and won for Best Book of a Musical and Best Featured Actor, Dan Fogler.

The cast of “Spelling Bee”

Jay Briggs, MMT’s Director of Education and Community Engagement, directs Spelling Bee, with the help of Resident Musical Director Seth Davis. “This cast has great energy and they are going to crack up the audiences,” says Briggs.  Spelling Bee will feature MMT’s Summer Apprentice Company alongside other professionals- with guest appearances by you, the audience!  A few audience members at every performance will be asked to join the bee and spell their way to fame – or loss and a juice box and hug from Comfort Counselor Mitch Mahoney, an ex-con working off his community service.

Although filled with the exuberance of youth, this musical is rated: PG 13 for content and language. Performances are June 22 – July 1 Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., with matinees on both Saturdays at 2:00p.m. Tickets are available on The Mill Mountain Theatre website ( and the Center in the Square Box Office in downtown Roanoke (540-342-5740).  Tickets are $15 and the MMT bar will be opened before the show and during intermission.

Mill Mountain Theatre is supported in part by Center in the Square, Actors’ Equity Association, National Endowment for the Arts and Virginia Commission for the Arts.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Conceived by Rebecca Feldman, Music & Lyrics by William Finn, Book by Rachel Sheinkin, Additional Material by Jay Reiss.


Mill Mountain Theatre produces two shows this summer, both designed to attract large audiences of children and encourage them to read.  Performances of Willy Wonka Jr. on the theatre’s mainstage and The Jungle Book at outreach venues around the region are parts of a project to promote reading through engaging performance.

Ticket prices are discounted or admission is free to these summer shows. And books will be given to students without cost but with the promise to complete a survey so MMT can monitor the program’s impact.

“We are learning the power of professional theatre to help meet the community’s need to advance reading skills of young children,” said Jay Briggs, MMT’s Director of Education and Community Engagement. “Every show we have selected this season in our Young Audiences Series is based on a story or book that is tempting for kids to read after they see the shows. We also have developed strong partnerships with schools, libraries and other organizations that are focused on this goal of student reading,” Briggs said.

From last year’s production of “Tall Tales: An American Folk Musical”

Summer is an especially important time for children to maintain and build on what they learn during the school year and to go back to school with even greater appetite to read and learn. MMT is a partner in the project for Roanoke students to achieve grade-level reading skills by the third grade and to promote English-language literacy for immigrants.  MMT’s summer shows for families are:

  • The Jungle Book, a 30-minute adaptation of classic stories by Rudyard Kipling. These fables are set in a jungle in India and feature animals that take on human characteristics so they can teach children lessons of morality and ethics. MMT will perform a version of the story at parks, libraries and other neighborhood venues in Roanoke, Roanoke County, Salem and Vinton and at special shows for students enrolled in the Roanoke City Public Schools summer enrichment program. The cast is composed of college-level drama students, who are hired as summer apprentices especially for this project. All of the performances are free and open to everyone.  A full and updated schedule of shows is posted at Navigate to SHOWS/Young Audiences/The Jungle Book and click on the link to the performance calendar.
  • Willy Wonka Jr. is a large-cast musical version of the story about children who visit a candy factory, and learn valuable lessons about imagination and integrity along the way. The production features youth actors and designers, many of whom are enrolled in MMT Conservatory classes in theatre skills and technology. The show runs July 28 to Aug. 6 on the Trinkle Main Stage. Tickets, which are discounted to about half MMT’s usual prices, are available on line at or through the Center in the Square box office, 540-342-5740.

At all of these summer shows students who attend will be offered free books about stories and topics related to the performances. These books are provided through grants and gifts from donors who are our partners in the reading project: City of Roanoke Arts Commission, City of Salem, County of Roanoke, Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Roanoke and the Kathryn B. McQuade Foundation. Others partners include Star City Reads, Turn the Page Foundation, Roanoke City Public Schools and Roanoke Valley area public libraries.

In addition, sponsors of the 2017 Young Audience Series of performances include American National Bank, Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital, chocolatepaper, Claytor/Wirt Associates, Davis H. Elliot Co., Friendship Foundation, The Kroger Co., Lanford Brothers Co., LeClairRyan, Roanoke Valley Orthodontics and Woods Rogers PLC.

The Young Audiences Series also include two productions that spotlighted MMT Conservatory students on the Waldron Stage: The Velveteen Rabbit in March and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, coming up in October, and Write Stuff!, the inaugural festival of new plays written by local student playwrights.

The reading and literacy program was developed in 2015 when Roanoke Public City Schools administrators asked MMT to develop a multi-year project to supplement schools’ efforts to raise student reading score and help efforts for accreditation of all Roanoke primary and elementary schools. In partnership with Blue Ridge Literacy and Roanoke Refugee Resettlement Service, we also help their clients learn to use English as a primary language.

When children receive free books at Mill Mountain Theatre shows, staffers ask for email addresses so we can send their families links to questionnaires. This feedback tells us the impact we have on development of reading skills.  In the 2016 season MMT distributed 1,439 books; 82 percent of the children who received these books reported reading them and 42 percent said they borrowed more books from area libraries.

For more information, contact MMT Education and Community Engagement Director Jay Briggs at (540) 342-5764 or via e-mail at


Mill Mountain Theatre opens its 2017 Season with a two-performance presentation of The Mountaintop, an acclaimed drama depicting the final hours of life of American civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

The show on Feb. 24 and 25 also will begin MMT’s new Waldron Fringe Series, a group of plays with serious and provocative topics presented as staged readings in the 120-seat Waldron Stage.

“This new series is a big step for Mill Mountain Theatre artistically,” said Ginger Poole, MMT’s Producing Artistic Director. “We are reclaiming as a performance venue a space that has been devoted to MMT Conservatory education programs for the past several years.  And we are doing it with serious, often tough dramas intended to engage audiences with thoughtful issues.”

Beginning that journey with a play about Martin Luther King Jr. in Black History Month should raise questions for our audience about contemporary issues of civil disobedience, human rights and fear of oppression, she said. The play is set in 1968 on the eve of King’s assassination in a motel room in Memphis, Tennessee.  The staged reading format uses projections rather than full scenery and basic costumes so the audience focus and attention is on the text and storytelling by actors who are just a few feet away.

The artistic staff of The Mountaintop consists of three New York-based African Americans who are new to Roanoke audiences: Director G. D. Kimble, Blake Morris portraying King, and Maribel Martinez in the role of Camae, a hotel maid who brings coffee to King’s hotel room and engages him in extended conversation about his private fears and anxieties masked by his very public career.

G.D. Kimble, Director of “The Mountaintop”

“The power of this piece is that it shows, before he was an icon, Dr. King was just a man,” Kimble said. “A man like any other human being with the same hopes, fears, faults and yes – mortality. It’s in that humanity that we find seeds and the fuel for his greatness and the lesson that greatness lies in all of us.  In these times of discord any one of us through anger, compassion, sacrifice, and guts can affect change.  Any one of us, no matter how small we believe we are, can be the single voice that ignites a million more.”

Blake Morris

Morris, who will portray King in the performances, said “I’m so proud to be part of a play that seeks to meditate on Dr. King’s personal search for an inner justice and inner peace.”

Martinez said she is excited to act in this play at a time when Americans need to stand for what they believe. “I find (playwright) Katori Hall’s depiction of these characters and their relationship with fear to be so fascinating. We all have to face our fears in order to make change.”

Maribel Martinez

Tickets for The Mountaintop are $15 each, less than half Mill Mountain Theatre’s price for mainstage productions.  “We want this production to be accessible to audiences who can benefit from the thoughtful discussion it prompts,” Poole said.  Reservations can be made by calling the Center in the Square box office at 540-342-5740 or online at Performances will be in The Waldron Stage at 20 Church Ave. in downtown Roanoke.

Mill Mountain Theatre’s production of The Mountaintop is made possible in part by generous support by Actors’ Equity Association; Center in the Square; National Endowment for the Arts; and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.


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