POE Cast Interviews: Charlotte Pearl

Starting off a new week of interviews with the cast and creative team behind POE is a sit-down with Charlotte Pearl. Charlotte is a talented comedic actress — she even has her own YouTube channel. In POE she brings that skill to play as Madam Petite from the comically dark short story “The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether,” among other characters.


MMT: Charlotte, how old are you?

Charlotte: 13

MMT: Where do you go to school?

Charlotte: I go to Roanoke Valley Christian School.

MMT: Where do you live?

Charlotte: I live in Troutville.

MMT: Oh, I think you’re our only actor from that area. What’s your favorite poem or story in the show?

Charlotte: The Raven.

MMT: What’s your favorite character that you play?

Charlotte: Madam Petite, the insane women who takes over a mental asylum in The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Feather.

MMT: That’s a great part. How have you been performing at MMT?

Charlotte: Hm, I think about five to seven years, I can’t remember.

MMT: Wow, so you’ve been with us for a long time. Did you know anything about Poe before starting this show? What have you learned about him since starting rehearsals?

Charlotte: I didn’t know much about him before this show but I’ve learned that he’s a very creepy person.

MMT: He definitely had a creepy side and his poems show that. There’s a lot of interesting words in this show, which one is your favorite?

Charlotte: Tintinnabulation, which means a ringing or tinkling sound.

MMT: Everyone seems to love that word! Thanks Charlotte!

You can catch POE tonight at 7 PM on the Waldron Stage! Tickets are Pay What You Can at the door!


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