Annual Giving Fund Donors

Mill Mountain Theatre is grateful to friends whose donations to the Annual Giving Fund sustain live, professional theatre in the community and enable us to provide valued programs for the community. The following is a list of generous donors whose gifts were received in 2016 (current and past members of Mill Mountain Theatre’s Board of Directors are denoted with an asterisk). If you have questions about this list, please contact Development Director John Levin at 540.342.5761 or

Standing OvationsGifts of $5,000 or more

The Honorable and Mrs. G. Steven Agee *

Avis Construction Company, Inc.


Blue Ridge Beverage Company

Boxley Materials Company

Carilion Clinic

Corrugated Container Corporation

Friendship Foundation

Gentry Locke

The Sam & Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation, Inc.

Estate of Irene Y. Latham

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Logan

Kathryn B. McQuade Foundation

Member One Federal Credit Union

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James Petrine *

Mrs. B.J. Preas *

City of Roanoke Arts Commission


Virginia Commission for the Arts

ProducersGifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous Donations to Mill Mountain Theatre

Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

Bank of Floyd

Brandon Oaks Retirement Community

Lee F. Brooks / Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Catawba Capital Management

County of Roanoke

Dominion Risk Advisors

Anne Downing and Mary Meade Winn

The Dunkenberger-Waskey-Nash Group at Morgan Stanley

Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc.

Mrs. Doreen M. Fishwick

GE Foundation

The Glebe

Grand Home Furnishings

The Huntly Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Shields Jarrett *

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Nordt, III *


Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tenzer *

Varney, Inc.

StarsGifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Better Sofas, Inc.

BNC Bank

Business Solutions, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cartledge, Jr.

Center in the Square

City of Salem

Claytor-Wirt Associates

Mr. and Mrs. W. Patton Coles, IV *

Mr. T. Joe Crawford

Davenport & Company LLC

Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Doherty *

Elk Hill Advisors, Inc.

Entre Computer Center

First Friday's at Five, Inc.

Mrs. Sibyl N. Fishburn

Foundation for Roanoke Valley

Mr. & Mrs. W. Heywood Fralin *

Mr. & Mrs. J. Spencer Frantz

FreightCar America, Inc.

Ms. Patricia Hamilton

HomeTrust Bank

Howell's Motor Freight, Inc.

Innovative Insurance Group

Integrated Textile Solutions, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Murray E. Joiner, Jr. *

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kegley

Lanford Brothers Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Lawrence *

Mary Jean and John Levin

Mr. & Mrs. A. Wayne Lewis *

Charles P. & Marion G. Lunsford Charitable Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. MacDonald

Miller, Long & Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Norris *

Oakey's Funeral Service & Crematory

Richfield Living

Roanoke Public Library Foundation

Roanoke Animal Hospital

Roanoke Gas Company - RGC Resources, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Smith

Spilman Thomas & Battle PLLC

Mr. Maury L. Strauss

Sun Tan City

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Tielking

Union Bank & Trust

The Wadsworth Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Mrs. Carolyn L. Warner

Mr. Charles J. Wehrmeister *

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Whittle

Mr. and Mrs. Barton J. Wilner

Woods Rogers PLC

Leading RolesGifts of $500 to $999

Allstate Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. George C. Anderson *

Mr. and Mrs, Lynn D. Avis

Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Avis *

Mr. and Mrs. W. Chan Bolling *

Mr. and Mrs. Victor O. Cardwell

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chapman *

Mrs. Dorothy S. Clifton *

Mr. James M. Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio T. Donato

Fee-Only Financial Planning LC

First Citizens Bank & Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Victor F. Foti *

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Garbee

Mr. and Mrs. Hartley R. Gaston

Dr. Gary E. Glontz

Ms. Nancy O. Gray and Mr. David N. Maxson *

Ms. Robyn Hakanson

IBM International Foundation

Mrs. Robert Jaeger

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jessee *

Robyn and David Johnsen

Dr. David A. Kinsler

Dr. and Mrs. George Luedke

Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. MacDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Martin *

Dr. Suzan R. and Dr. John R. Merten

Ms. Leisa Mundy

Ms. Dorothy A. Mundy

Mrs. Leonard A. Muse *

The Newbern Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Nordt, III *

Ms. Nancy Ruth Patterson *

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Poore

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Powell

Dr. Randall R. Rhea

Roanoke Valley Orthodontics

James C. Sears, Ed.D.

Skyline Capital Strategies, LLC

Dr. Bertram Spetzler

Star City Reads Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Stavola

VIP Giftsof $250 to $499

L. Scott and LaDawn Avis

Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Balzer

Dr. Warren Bickel and Dr. Rebecca Esch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Birmingham *

Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop *

Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Bown

Mrs. Joan F. Brenner

Dr. Barbara and Mr. George B. Cartledge, III *

Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Castern

Amanda and Keith Christiansen

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Davidson

Dr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Duckwall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Falconetti *

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Friedlander

Mrs. Marianne E. Gandee

Mrs. Deb B. Haggerty *

Halifax Fine Furnishings

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie F. Hearp

Marcia and Lewis Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Talfourd H. Kemper

Mr. Forrest Landon *

Anna and Tom Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. M. Adam Mastrangelo

Dr. and Mrs. Julien H. Meyer, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Overstreet

Jenice and Peter Pearl

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Reilly

Anna Marie and Harry Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Schleupner

Mr. G. Scott Shackelford, III

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Shelor

Ms. Jane Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Raphael M. Traen

Mr. & Mrs. W. Lee Wilhelm, III

Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Winter

Scene StealerGifts up to $250

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Aday

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W. Alcorn

AmazonSmile Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Amick

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs W. Andrews

Mr. John Anstey *

The Honorable and Mrs. Jonathan Apgar

Mrs. Patsy G. Baker

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C Ball *

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Bane Jr.

Ms. Jacquelyn Banks

Ms. Rebecca Barba

Mr. & Mrs. D. Stan Barnhill

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Basile

Ms. Linda S. Bass

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Beckett *

Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.

Ms. Joan Benson

Val Bernys

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Bibee

William Biddy

Ms. Anne Bing

Mr. L. A. Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Blakeman

Ms. Joellen K. Bland

Dr. Glenn and Helen Bowman

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bradshaw Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Breakell

Ms. Kim Brickwedde

Jay Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brock, Jr.

Sheila Brossoie

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Brothers *

Ms. Linnea K. Brunk

Carl Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Buckley, Jr.

Ms. Helen Ruth Burch

Ms. Kim Buttles

Teri Byers

Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Byrd, Jr. *

Louis Campbell

Melissa Carden

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E Carr

Lucinda Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cassell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cates

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Celin

Marian and Herbert Chappelle

Chevron Matching Gift Program

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Cheyney


Christine Christianson

Mrs. Vickie Clarke

Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Clemmer, Jr.

Ms. Barbara L. Coleman

The Honorable and Mrs. Glen E. Conrad

Angela Cortorreal

Mr. and Mrs. Grimes W. Creasy

Dr. & Mrs. Sherman Creekmore

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cribbs

Ms. Constance W. Dahlberg

Bitsy and Richard Davis

Ms. Alice Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Calvert G. de Coligny, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth G. Deisher

Mr. and Mrs. James Devens

Ms. Linda DeVogt

Ms. Eileen Dickey

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Dixon, III

Ms. Ruth A. Doan

Dr. Elizabeth H. Duckworth & Mr. John M. Duckworth

Ms. Jeanne M. Duddy

Gretchen L Mize & Alden W Dudley, Jr.

Mr. Joe Duquette

Kimberly Eakin

Randi and Justin Earls

Mr. and Mrs. Lacy L. Edwards, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Engl

Ms. Barbara T. Epperly

Judy Esch

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Eure

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Evans

Julia Fallon

Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Farber

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Feldmann *

Mrs. Helen C. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fitzpatrick

Ms. Sarah Copenhaver and Mr. G. Franklin Flippin, Esq.

Melissa Fobare

Pete Foss

Jonathan Fraim

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fralin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Francis, Jr.

Dennis Freeborn

Mr. William Gale

Mr. and Mrs. Harford W. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Garland

Mr. George Garten

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight O. Gay

Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Gilliland

Dr. James J. Gooding

Carolyn Gould

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hale

Donna Hancock

Carter Hanna

Ms. Summer Harper

Elizabeth Harris

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Hauser

Ms. Thelma Haynesworth *

Ms. Karyn Heisig

Dr. and Mrs. Ulysses V. Henderson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hitchins, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Holdgreve

Hollins University

Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Holman

Mrs. Donna B. Horak

Ms. Rebecca B. Houchins

Mr. and Mrs. D. Humbert

Jill Hume

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin J. Hurt

Ms. Paula Hutchison

Mr Richard L Ikenberry

Tracey Jablonski

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jamison

Macel and Stephen Janoschka *

Jessica Jarels

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jewell

Mr. and Mrs. Pegram Johnson, III

James and Mary Ann Johnson

Ms. Elicha Cecile Johnson

Ms. Erma Jones

Sydney Jones

Christine Jordan

Mrs. Ann M. Journell

Mrs. J. Robert Justice

Robin Karim

Beth and Matthew Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Herman D. Kemp, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Kienle

Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Knighton, Jr.

Mrs. Janet L. Knopf


Laurence Kufel *

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Kunkle

Mr. Bill Lacy

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lanford

Eduardo Lara-Torre & Megan McNamara

Ms. Katlyn Lawalin

Ms. Carol C. Lee

Christine Lee

Ms. Elizabeth Letz

Ms. Sandra B. Light *

Elizabeth Link

Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Litwiller

Mr. and Mrs. Fielding L. Logan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lugar *

Mr. Reynolds Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lynn

Mr. Cooper Mackin

James Maloney

Emily and Rob Mangus

Mr. Gene H. Marrano

Martha L. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Martin *

Ms. Sylvia Martin

Ms. Anne Mastin

Mr. Bruce Mayer

Mr. Gary McClellan

Dr. and Mrs. Maston R. McCorkle, Jr.

Janie Robinson Meggers

Mr. Robert J. Metz

Mr. Jeffrey Miller

Ms. Donna L. Mitchell

Mr. John Moore

John T. Morgan Roofing Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Morgan

Ms. Melinda Morris

Mr. Roger E Mumpower

Mr. & Mrs. G. Marshall Mundy

Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo H. Myers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Naff, Jr.

Kenneth Nagele

Richard Nance

Mr. William L. Neal

Tony Nguyen

Kimberly Noel

Mrs. Rochelle S. Nolan

Dr. & Mrs. E. Blackford Noland, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Nunnally, Jr.

Mrs. Phyllis A. Olin

Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee E. Osborne *

Mr. Walter M. Otey, III

Michelle Overcast-Kallan

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Overstreet

Ms. Melissa Palmer

April Parker

Jim Parris

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Pasternak

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard C. Pattisall

Sherry Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Perkins

Ms. Joan K. Petrus

Mr. William Poe

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Pommerenke

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pooley

Ms. Sue Porterfield

Dr. Stephanie Pratola

Mr. & Mrs. Alton B. Prillaman

Doris M. Prillaman

Mr. Robert Pringle

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Printz

Ms. Carol W. Prune

Michael and Gail Quinn

Katina Raina

Mrs. Curtis L. Ratliff

Richard Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Revercomb

Judith Reynolds

Mr. Robert N. Richert

Mr. Ken Riding

Kenneth Rivers

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op

Roanoke Public Library Foundation

Stephen Robbins

David W. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Robinson, Jr.

Ms. Kim E. Roe

Ms. Janet Ross

Rita G. Rufty

Mr. and Mrs. Walton I. Rutherfoord

Ms. Rhonda K. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Sakayama

Jenny Sammis

Linda Scarborough

Edward and Diane Schaffer

Ms. Pamela Scully

Jan Sessor

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick N. Shaffner *

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Sheahan

Mr. Robert Shepard

Ms. Jennifer Singpurwalla

Mr. T. Michael Smith

Erin Smythe

Stephanie Snyder

Maria J. St Clair

Virginia Stanley

Linda Kent Steadman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Steele

Katharine and Christopher Stevens

Ms. Barbara Stout

Ms. Lesleigh B. Strauss *

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Strickland

Ms. Paula Stump

Angela Swain

Mr. William B. Symonds

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Taylor

Ms. Aubrey Thomas

Ms. Paula Thompson

Astrid and David Thornhill *

Ms. Barbara Thurman

Mr. and Mrs. Emory W. Tibbs, Jr.

Anne T. Tiffany

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Timmermann

Dr. and Mrs. Brian A. Torre

Linda and William Trice

Mr. Will Trinkle *

Ms. Ann P. Tully

Ms. Sara L. Ullman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Vaccaro, Jr.

Paula P. Vail

Alicia Varcoe

Gerald and Vicky Via

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Vipperman

Ms. Karen H. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Walker

Dr. & Mrs. H. Hudnall Ware, III

Della Watkins

Hugh and Jaye Harvey Wellons

Ms. Virginia West

Mrs. Pamela H. Wiegandt

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Wiegandt

Dr. Nancy W. Wilson

Ms. Janice E. Woodard

Ms. Kim Yeaton

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