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Season Sponsors


Mill Mountain Theatre is honored to receive donations in tribute and memory of special friends.  In 2017 and 2018 they included:

In honor of Ginger Poole Avis by Nancy Gray and David Maxon, Mrs. Helen C. Fitzpatrick, by Dr. Elizabeth Martin and Mr. Edward Martin, by Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar A. Oelschlager, by NL Bishop, and by Ms. Kirsten Turner

To Ginger Poole Avis and the amazing MMT Staff: You folks rock! By Mr. and Dr. Edward Martin

In honor of our children by Suzanne and Lynn Avis

In memory of Howard Beck and in honor of Lauren Beck by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In honor of Michelle Bennett by the Newcomers Club of the Roanoke Valley

In honor of George Cartledge, Jr. by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hoff

To Christopher Castanho: Love you sweet boy, Mom and Dad by AnneMarie and Paul Castanho

In memory of Willeyne McCune Clemens by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

To Seth Davis: Thanks for being an awesome teacher by Leigh Dymond

In honor of Skylar Gay by Donna Vanover

In honor of Ellie Ever by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In memory of Michael H. Fariss by Mrs. Rebecca Fariss

In honor of Joy and Spencer Frantz by Barton J. and Jacqueline B. Wilner Family Fund

In honor of Shirley and Bev Fitzpatrick by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In honor of Dot Meyer Hannaford by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In honor of Linda Harrison by William Modica

In honor of Ginny Jarrett by the Roanoke Women’s Foundation Founders Fund

In memory of Margot Walthall Satterfield Jolly and Lee Mastin by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In honor of Larry Kufel by Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Feldmann

In honor of Jean Lawhorn by Jenny Sammis

In honor of Cynthia and Mark Lawrence by Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bibee

In honor of Virginia Maddox by Richard Maddox

In memory of Sean Mundy by Ms. Leisa Mundy

In honor of the Mill Mountain Theatre Staff by Mr. Will Trinkle

In honor of Jeffrey Nelson by Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hitchins, Jr.

In honor of Nancy Ruth Patterson by Cathy and Frank Guilfoyle

In memory of Nancy Patterson’s dog, Newby, by Mr. and Mrs. Barry E.Wirt, Sr.

In honor of Judy Tenzer on her 80th Birthday by Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Feldmann and by Mrs. Diane M. Rosenberg

To the family of Don and Barbara Smith with gratitude for your parents’ friendship to Mill Mountain Theatre and me by Nancy Ruth Patterson

In honor of Vivian Vernon by Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Vernon

In honor of Alicia Varcoe Webb, Roanoke theatre rockstar, by Jessica Taylor

In honor of Bill Webb and his amazing lighting designs for MMT by Alicia Varcoe



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